1st Core Group Meeting Held in Utrecht

Posted by: Elizabeth Rhoads

24th October 2013

At the first core group meeting the team began the challenging work of converting the basic research structure outlined in the grant proposal into a methodology that could be operationalized by four researchers in the field across eight countries.  Critical challenges included sharpening the definition and content of both the independent and dependent variables.  One of the most notable observations was that, despite the foundations of early transitional justice debates and literature in discussions about democratic transitions and democratization, little is empirically known about how the effects produced by transitional justice measures affect key elements of democracy.  Thus much of the transitional justice literature does not always connect as clearly with democratization as we might expect (excepting of course some of the groundbreaking work by some of our advisory group members).  In particular, we worked to develop a clearer articulation of the existing expectations of causal pathways.