Field notes: ORA Project Team Presentation at the Academy of Korean Studies

Posted by: Elizabeth Rhoads

8th December 2014

On 20 November 2015, Dr Anja Mihr and Dr. Malini Laxminarayan were invited by The Academy of Korean Studies (  in Seongnam/Seoul, South Korea, to present their research on Transitional Justice. Dr. Chung, Won Young and Dr. Wan Bom Lee, welcomed the researchers from the ORA project. The seminar on “Transitional Justice in international perspectives” was co-organized, by Prof. Mikyoung Kim, from the University of Hiroshima in Japan, one of the advisory board members of the ORA project. The visit to the AKS was part of the field trip of Dr. Laxminarayan and Dr. Mihr to Japan and South Korea.
Anja Mihr presented on her current and previous research on Transitional Justice in Europe in comparison to the Korean  Transitional Justice process, which was presented by Dr. Yi Young Jae from Hanyang University in South Korea. Anja Mihr shared her observation that most successful transitional justice process lead to democratic leverage if its measures are used as incentives to democratize by the international community, the national agencies and citizen in the country. This could be seen in the cases of post WWII and post-communist dictatorship European cases. If this ‘sandwich’ of interaction is not given, the link between transitional justice and democracy is not easily given. Dr. Yi confirmed the fact, that in the case of Korea, the level of democracy is clearly linked whether transitional justice measures are applied or not.