Dr. Raimundo’s Brazil Fieldwork

Posted by: Elizabeth Rhoads

6th February 2014

In October-November 2013, TJDI’s Filipa Raimundo was a visiting scholar hosted by the NUPPs (Núcleo de Pesquisas em Políticas Públicas), University of São Paulo.

Dr Raimundo gave talks at the university, conducted interviews, collected new material, and held informal discussions with current and former local and national government officials, lawyers, and academics in São Paulo and Brasília. She also had the opportunity to attend one of the many Caravanas da Anistía, to visit the exhibition Resistir é Preciso and the permanent exhibition Memorial da Resistência, all in São Paulo. 

The fact that transitional justice and the quality of democracy in Brazil – and in particular the implementation of the rule of law and respect for basic human rights – are a hot topic today have contributed to exciting and very fruitful fieldwork for the TJDI project. Dr. Raimundo was able to learn and collect data on several historical factors both directly and indirectly related to the legacies of the military dictatorship and the transition to democracy. These historical factors help to explain the success/failure of transitional justice mechanisms in Brazil.