Sandra M. Rios Oyola, PhD.

sandra-profile-picDr Sandra Milena Rios Oyola is a recent postdoctoral research fellow at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM), Utrecht University. She is a member of the NWO-ORA research project on ‘the Impact of Transitional Justice Measures on Democratic Institution-building’. In the scope of this project, she focused on the cross-national comparison of Hungary, Japan, East Germany and South Korea and conducted field visits and interviews in three of these countries.

Sandra holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Aberdeen (2014); her PhD was funded by a competitive scholarship by the Leverhulme Trust,  ’Compromise after Conflict’ Programme. She has written on social memory, transitional justice, and on religious peacebuilding. Sandra received her MA in Religious Studies from Florida International University and her BA in Sociology from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Sandra has participated in several international conferences and has taught on sociology, conflict and peace studies and qualitative research methods.

 Contact: sriosoyola@gmail.com


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Other Publications

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Invited Presentations

2016. Reconstructing Dignity through Transitional Justice? Preserving the dignity of the dead in absence of funerary rituals, Missing Memorials and Absent Bodies, NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies, 20-21 September.

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2015. Religion, Emotions and Memory, Religion, Body, Media, Heritage Seminar at the Meertens Institute, 16 March.

2015. Rituals, Emotions and Conflict, Ritual in Society Seminar at Tilburg University, 25 February.

2014. Religion and Social Construction of Memory. The Massacre of Bojayá, Virtual presentation at the Afro-Religious-Therapeutical System in Colombia Seminar, 27 May.

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2013. Religious Peacebuilding and Emancipatory Peacebuilding: The Diocese of Quibdó, Seminar at the Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics. University of St Andrews, 18 October.

2013. Religious Peacebuilding as Emancipatory Peacebuilding, Post-Graduate Seminar at the Department of Sociology. University of Aberdeen, 16 October

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2012. Religion, Social Memory and Transitional Justice from Below. The Case of Bojayá (Chocó, Colombia), In Between Bodies A Symposium. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Violence, University of Aberdeen, 17-18 June.

Paper Presentations (selected)

2016. (forthcoming) The Role of Memorialization in Democratic Institution-building, Sixth Annual Conference of the Historical Dialogues, Justice and Memory Network, NIOD, 3-4 December.

2016. (forthcoming) Dignity in Transitional Justice. Future of Human Dignity, Utrecht. 11-13 October.

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2015    ‘Disillusions and Accomplishments: How Transitional Justice Changes Societies’. 30- 31 July, Utrecht University.

2015    Collaborative TJDI workshop with research teams at Utrecht University and University of East London, Utrecht University.

2015    Conference ‘Challenging Conventional Wisdom: Assessing the Impact of TJ on Democratic Institution-building’. 18 November, Utrecht University.